Slide Contact Us While our Property West team is here to assist you with through the process of selling your house, there are also things you can do to maximise open houses and gain interest from buyers. We have provided some tips that have proved successful for many of our clients.

Selling Tips


Many people forget that the outside of the house is just as important as the inside when it comes to presentation for showings. First impressions set the tone for the rest of the house and prospective buyers will make their initial judgements from their first glimpse of the outside.

Check the state of repair and cleanliness of the brickwork and fascia boards. A quick hose, brush down or lick of paint may make your home instantly more presentable.

Keep the lawns and gardens looking fresh, paying particular attention to weeds and dead leaves.

Remove loose items such as toys, balls and tools from around the garden.

Keep your garbage bin as concealed as possible and odour free.

Oil hinges and catches on gates and sheds, and repair any damaged fence panels.

Roll up the garden hose, clean the barbeque area and kill all bugs.

Keep pets outside or better still, keep them away from the house when it’s open for display.

Be ruthless in cleaning out the garage, carport and sheds.


We all know a general cleaning is necessary for a house showing, however there are many other steps that can be taken to ensure a good impression is made. While these steps may seem small and something we might not think about on a day to day basis, we promise they will make a world of difference to prospective buyers.

Keep the windows clean inside and out, and repair any cracks in walls and ceilings.

Remove unwanted items to give a feeling of spaciousness as well as all valuables and minimise the number of personal photos on display.

If you have any bare globe light fittings, fit an inexpensive shade.

Keep the oven, stove and microwave spotless. Remove dirty plates from the dishwasher.

Don’t hide things in cupboards as the prospective buyer is likely to look everywhere.

Have the curtains, blinds and drapes in good clean condition.

Watch for small faults that you may take for granted, like loose door knobs, leaking taps, lifting surfaces, cracked windows, warped doors, blown light globes, faulty switches, chips in plaster and scratched skirting boards.

Remove any mould from the shower recess, and place air-fresheners or fresh flowers in the toilets. Place fresh towels in the bathroom.

Remove unnecessary fridge magnets and associated items from the fridge door.

Extra Touches

While it is suggested that your house doesn’t have too many of your personal possessions during a showing, it is important to still create a homely feel. The prospective buyer needs to be able imagine themselves living in the house if they’re going to purchase it.

Be aware of odours. If possible, create a pleasant aroma by making a fresh pot of coffee or baking some bread.

Have a bowl of colourful fresh fruit on the breakfast bar or kitchen bench.

Have some soft music playing in the background.

In warm weather, have the air-conditioner running. Keep it on low to keep the noise down.

In cooler weather, have the fire burning.