Why Choose Property West

Choosing the Right Agent

When it comes to our property management services, we understand the importance of providing our owners with peace of mind and the knowledge that their investment is being managed by a proactive team of professionals. At Property West Real Estate, we will go that extra step to ensure our owners have a positive rental experience and a profitable return on their investment.

We are a family run independent agency located in the heart of Joondalup and have been operating since 2006.  We have a team of experienced Property Managers who all possess a common goal; to provide our owners and tenants with the best service possible and with our high ratio of staff to properties, this goal is consistently met.

Providing a quality property management service involves so much more than collecting rent and scheduling repairs when needed.  A good agency will attract quality tenants who maintain the home to the highest standard and who pay their rent on time.  For this reason, hiring the right agency who have proven policies and processes in place to deal with any eventuality is essential.

With state-of-the-art technology, a location that offers excellent exposure and a team of experienced professionals, we offer our clients value for money and a first-class service.

Good luck in finding the right partner. We hope you will consider Property West Real Estate and are more than happy to meet with you face-to-face or discuss how we can help you over the phone.


Finding Quality Tenants

The importance of securing quality tenants who pay their rent on time and look after your property to a high standard is paramount.  At Property West we strive to secure quality tenants whilst achieving the highest rent possible for our owners based on current market conditions.

To set the rent correctly, we undertake a thorough Comparative Market Analysis which assists in determining the correct asking price.

During home opens, our staff ask prospective tenants relevant questions in order to assess their suitability for the property should they apply.  Our application process requires the tenant to submit a comprehensive application form and associated documentation.  On receipt of all information, a thorough screening process is undertaken which involves:

  • Employment checks to confirm proof of income and job security
  • Discussions with previous property managers (where possible) to assess their history as a tenant
  • TICA and National Tenancy Database checks to ensure they have not been registered on a bad tenancy database – this includes New Zealand and Australia.

We aim to complete this process as quickly as possible at which time you will be contacted and presented with all applications and our recommendations – good or bad.  We will then act on your instructions to either accept or reject the application – ultimately this is your decision.

In securing tenants for our executive properties, we liaise frequently with relocation agencies who are tasked with finding high quality accommodation for their clients.