Finding Quality Tenants



Property West will firstly expose your property to the market utilising all the major websites, you will notice if you see one of our properties on it will be displayed as a priority listing, we pay extra for this privilege and the results speak for themselves, numerous calls from prospective tenants.

Your property should command a rent return which is fair, reasonable and within the range of similarly compared properties in the area. It is our duty to achieve the best rental return, however asking too much for your property may result in an extended vacancy. Our experienced Property Managers will guide you through this process.

We liaise frequently with Relocation Agencies who are tasked with finding accommodation for executive tenants from the resource sector, these are high quality tenants. We also have a large number of quality tenants on our database that have rented through us previously, we give priority to them as they have proven to be excellent tenants. Ironically many previous tenants have returned to Property West to give us their investment properties to manage; this is a testimony to the credibility and commitment of our Property Managers.

Once a tenant expresses interest in one of our properties they are required to complete a comprehensive application form. In this application form the prospective tenant is required to provide their employment details, previous rental references and any relevant information.

Once we have applications, we conduct the following checks.

  • Current employment check, confirming tenure and salary.
  • Tenancy Database checks to ensure they are not registered as a bad prospect, this covers Australia and New Zealand.
  • Rental reference checks, we speak to previous owners or Property Managers to ensure their previous property was well looked after and rent was paid consistently on time.
  • Character references, we contact and speak to any character referees provided by the tenant.


Having scrutinised and processed the applications received we will call you and discuss the applicants in detail. You have the final decision to make based on the information and advice we provide to you.

Contact us on 08 9300 0787 to discuss your needs.