Landlord Information


We strongly recommend Landlords Protection Insurance. Although we take all steps to ensure your property is well cared for, and that rent is paid on a consistently regular basis, occasionally tenant’s circumstances change.

If for whatever reason a tenant abandons the premises, damages the premises or simply cannot pay the rent, we prepare all the necessary documentation to recover monies through the court process, or in the case of an abandoned property, recover possession of the property.

Sometimes the tenants bond (4 weeks rent) does not cover the cost; therefore you may experience a shortfall. If you have a Landlords Protection Insurance you will be covered for the majority of the loss.

We recommend the following Landlord Protection Insurance companies.


·        EBM Insurance

·        AON Insurance

·        St George Insurance

·        Terri Sheer Insurance


There are many more insurance companies that offer Landlords Protection Insurance, however we find the above companies who specialise in this type of insurance to be excellent.

If you require any further information regarding Landlords Protection Insurance please contact the office and we will provide you with contact details.